how much furniture for 5 star island

To achieve a 5-star island rating, it is important to have a balanced ratio of fencing, flowers, and furniture. This includes placing a mix of DIY furniture, store-bought items, and vendor furniture. It is also important to have the Tailor’s Shop and Nook’s Cranny up and running, as well as at least 8 villagers.

Keep your island clean

It’s essential to pick up weeds on a regular basis in order to maintain a good rating. This can be done by using the weed eater or by interacting with your villagers on a daily basis. If your island has fewer than 100 weeds on it, you’ll receive a bonus of 30 development points.

Avoid dropped items

This is another thing that can negatively affect your island’s rating. Isabelle will report that your island is’messy’ if it has 15 or more items that have been dropped on the ground and not placed. Fortunately, things that naturally appear on the floor such as shells, branches, stones or star fragments do not count against this.


The same 8×8 grid divisions that are used for scenery score will also be used to gauge this, so any block with 45 or more tiles covered in furniture will be considered as cluttered and cause your island to lose its star rating. This is a big problem, so don’t make matters worse by placing too much furniture in one area!


Trees are not required to get a 5-star island, but they are an important part of beautifying the landscape. Planting trees of all types can help to improve the environment, but if you are looking to achieve a 5-star rating, it is best to keep at least some of your trees intact.

Alternatively, you can cut down some of the trees in your island. However, this can be a tricky task, as you will need to do this carefully or risk damaging your island’s scenery and rating.

Build shops

Building and upgrading the shops on your island is an important part of keeping your island a 5-star paradise. It also allows you to increase your village’s income, which can help to raise the overall island’s rating!

Bring more businesses to your island

Isabelle will tell you that one of the most important parts of having a 5-star island is attracting new vendors and businesses to your island. This is best done by interacting with the various street vendors that come to your island, such as Kicks and Saharah or Flick and CJ, until you’ve become friends with them and they want to do business with you.

Doing this can help to grow your economy, which can in turn boost your island’s ranking and give you access to the Golden Watering Can.

Getting a 5-star island can be a challenging process, but it is definitely possible to do! You just need to be consistent with your island’s design and try to fulfill all the requirements! The best way to do this is by interacting with the various visitors that come to your island, so make sure to take their advice into consideration.

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