When decorating, we all want to make the living room elegant and generous. However, in order to design the living room well, you must first master the best aspect ratio, and then design according to the aspect ratio. The living room that is decorated in this way is not only beautiful and generous, but also has a relatively large space. So today, the editor will introduce you to the best width and length of the living room, and the precautions for decorating the living room.

Best Width and Length for Living Room

The most common living room is about 6 meters long and 5 meters wide. This type of apartment is an ideal state for decoration design, but it is not unique. It should be carefully designed according to the size of the apartment.

If the house is a large apartment, its living room area can generally reach about 35 to 40 square meters, and if it is a small apartment, the general living room area is only about 20 square meters. Therefore, we also need to look at the size of the entire unit. If the area of ​​the house is 80 to 90 square meters, the width of its living room is generally within 4 meters, even if the design is very good.

Matters needing attention in decorating the living room

TV wall design

There are various designs of popular TV background walls, but they must be in line with the overall decoration style of the house. No matter it is decoration or matching, it should not be too fancy, otherwise it will cause visual fatigue. In addition, the small living room TV wall should be designed into a very beautiful storage form, so that the designed background wall will not only not affect the overall appearance, but also can play a certain storage effect.

Ensure space

In general, the living room is the facade of a house. Living and meeting guests are mostly carried out in the living room. Therefore, most of them are designed to be open in design. Even so, enough space must be reserved, especially for some comparisons. Large household items, such as coffee tables, sofa fish tanks, etc., must be furnished according to the size, so as not to take up extra space.

Living room light

In order to make your daily life more comfortable and convenient, and to give guests a good visiting experience, the overall light in the living room must be bright to achieve smooth convection and sufficient lighting. If the lighting of the apartment design is not good, a few spotlights can be installed as auxiliary lights during the decoration, which can make the interior brighter and more delicate. 4lightings website sells quality living room lights. Not only are there many types, but also can meet your personalized customization needs.

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