Today, I recommend 6 essential furniture for children’s rooms. Let’s take a look at it together~

01 Kids’ Changing table

The diaper table is something that mothers must touch every day when their children are infancy. It not only liberates the waist of mothers, but also has a powerful storage function.

But IKEA’s changing table can also be turned into a child’s own table. There is no need to worry about buying a diaper table for a small apartment, and it can be used for seven or eight years. It can cultivate children’s self-care and storage ability.

Changing table

When it comes to children’s storage, I believe that many parents are heartbroken. Many mothers complain that they are really fed up with the days of picking up after their children!

This is not just a matter of age. Many people in their teens and twenties have not yet developed a good tidying habit, and it is difficult to put the used things back in their original places!

The children’s room is the first place for children to develop good habits. The development of habits is far more important than cleaning up behind your ass!

Changing table

02 Low cabinet with storage basket

The baby will have a lot of scattered toys and daily sundries. The first step is to “classify”, distinguish whether it is commonly used or not and the type of items, and store them in a fixed place. After sorting, remember to reserve space to avoid causing similar items. If there is not enough space, it will be stored in different positions. If you can’t find it when you need it, it will lose the meaning of classification.

It is recommended that parents buy a combined lattice low cabinet. The material does not need to be too heavy. It is matched with a cloth or plastic drawer basket. Every time you pack it, you just need to put it in the categories. Push the drawer basket to quickly make the space look neat!

 Low cabinet with storage basket

However, it should be noted that if the height exceeds the child and may cause them to climb, it is recommended to fix it behind the furniture.

TIPS: Distinguish with bright colors

Babies are very sensitive to colors and can use colors to distinguish the things and types of storage. For example: yellow is a car, blue is a building block, etc. When taking the baby while talking and receiving, the baby will have an impression in the mind, and it will become a subtle habit over time.

This systematic storage method distinguished by color can be distinguished by sticker pattern. For example, put stickers of different colors on the handles of the storage cabinets, and guide children to use colored drawer handles to distinguish them.

 Low cabinet with storage basket

03 Bookcase

If children can see the cover of the book, they will feel more familiar with the picture book. Add wooden horizontal bars on the wall to design a bookshelf that can stand the whole book up, making it easy for children to use. This is also a great storage idea for parents to refer to!


This kind of special bookshelf is simple and compact, and children can take them at will, increasing their interest in independent reading. There are stop bars on the bookshelf, so you don’t have to worry about books falling off.


04 Protect the health of one third of the child

The last point, and the most important point, is to protect the health of children, and buy and place furniture with peace of mind.

One third of life is spent in bed. So can the fan sister deduce that one-third of our quality of life and health are closely related to mattresses. For infants and young children, the time spent sleeping in bed is significantly more than the time spent on activities.

Protect the health of one third of the child

For older children, scientific research also shows that 70% of children’s spine development occurs during sleep.

A mattress that allows children to sleep peacefully and care for the spine is the key to making children sleep healthier. Children’s mattresses are not small “adult mattresses”.

It should be designed according to the skeletal development of children of different ages, so that the easily deformed spine can be assisted and corrected during the growth period, and the mattress is conducive to the healthy growth of children.

Protect the health of one third of the child

If the chest of drawers is not fastened to the wall, when the child is standing on the chest of drawers and rummaging for things, the chest can easily tip forward and collapse on the child.

Therefore, small cabinets with drawers must be firmly fixed on the wall. The drawer on the cabinet is best to choose a limited device, or install a child lock to prevent the drawer from sliding and hurting people.

Protect the health of one third of the child

Buying suggestions: The materials of children’s furniture, whether it is wood or decorative materials, must be natural and environmentally friendly; small tables and chairs can be made of silicone material, which is environmentally friendly and non-toxic, and there is no need to worry about children breaking the furniture when they bite the furniture or Hurt.

Protect the health of one third of the child

Every parent can create an excellent children’s room for their baby. Of course, it is not only the baby’s room, but also his colorful childhood, independent personality and good living habits.

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