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T5 tubes produce light in the colour of warm white. This makes them an excellent choice for accent lighting. However, these lights require a ballast, so simply changing the wattage won’t work. You should also consider the colour temperature before purchasing a tube. You can choose from 2700K, 300K, 4000K, or 6500K.


The T5 5000K Day Light Fluorescent Tube light bulb offers bright white light. It is an energy-efficient light source that will last for up to twenty years. This light bulb produces a bright white light that’s very similar to the appearance of natural daylight. These bulbs are often called “warm white” light bulbs, and they are the most common light bulb type used in homes today.

These bulbs provide a bright white light, with a CRI of 85. They operate on 54 watts of electricity and produce 5000 lumens of warm white light. The color temperature of these bulbs is measured in Kelvin, with a lower number signifying a warmer yellow light while a higher number indicates a cooler bluer white light.


T5 warm white bulbs are a great way to provide a warm, neutral white light in a room. Their colour temperature is around 4000K, which is a neutral colour, and provides a pleasing light colour. This color temperature is commonly used in dental practices, hospitals, and general practices.

Compared to other colors, 4000K bulbs are most similar to natural sunlight. They give off a warm, crisp, and lively appearance. They also give off a higher level of color clarity than other bulbs. These bulbs are particularly beneficial in areas where additional color clarity is required, such as the bathroom vanity area and kitchen. However, when choosing these bulbs, make sure to check the color rendering index, or CRI. A high CRI value ensures that the lighting replicates the color spectrum of natural light.


T5 tubes produce a colour temperature of 3000K – Warm White and have an average lifespan of 10000 hours. These lamps can be found in a variety of wattages and lengths. In order to get the best light output, you need to match the wattage to the length of the tube. At Any-Lamp, we have a wide range of T5 tubes that range in length from 29cm to 150cm.

Warm white light bulbs are available in different color temperatures and have different effects on the human eye. The warmest ones have the most warmth, while the coolest ones produce blue light. In the UK and continental Europe, 3500K bulbs are the preferred option. They provide a calming atmosphere while providing the warm feeling you want indoors. In contrast, 3000K lamps are most popular in the colder Scandinavian countries, while people in Southern Europe tend to prefer cool white light.


A 4000W t5 warm white bulb provides a warmer color balance than natural daylight. It gives rooms a lively, clean appearance. It also provides greater color clarity. This light is perfect for areas where color clarity is important, such as kitchens and bathroom vanity areas. However, if you want a slightly cooler light, you can try using 3000K.


The warmest 2700K tubes hold sway in domestic lighting, close to the dominance of halogen and incandescent lights. Most of Asia, meanwhile, uses cool daylight lamps ranging from 5000-6500K, but local preferences do vary. Figure F2 outlines some more specific uses of 5000-6500K lamps.

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