le corbusier marseille lamp

The Le Corbusier Marseille lamp was designed in 1954 and is now re-issued by NEMO. The lamp uses two bulbs to illuminate a room. It is made from metal and available in whitewash or matt grey finishes. Its inner diffusers are white. NEMO offers customer service from Monday to Friday.

Nemo reissues Le Corbusier marseille lamp

Nemo has reissued the iconic Le Corbusier marseille lamp. Originally designed in 1952 for the Unite d’habitation de Marseille, this iconic lamp is now available as a tabletop lamp. Inspired by the original design, Nemo has updated it with an LED board for energy efficiency and functionality.

This wall light is made from black metal and comes with a plug. It is 30 cm wide and 24 cm tall and features a 160-cm cable. The Marseille Lamp was designed by renowned architect Le Corbusier for his “Cité radieuse” apartments in Marseille, France. Its design pays tribute to the modernist movement and features two asymmetric cones that hold two sources of light. These two lights create a unique light source and give off a mix of direct and indirect lighting. This lamp’s long, swivel arm has two joints, a mains plug, and a black metal shade.


The origin of the Marseille lamp can be traced back to the industrial lighting that was popular at the time. Its lampshade features two conical light sources that can either point downwards or upwards, and can be positioned to achieve the desired level of lighting. This lamp is highly adjustable and comes with a long swivel arm with two joints for optimal flexibility and light output.

This lamp was made to illuminate the unite d’habitation de marseille, a project that Le Corbusier worked on in the late 1940s and early 1950s. Its conical shape and dual light sources allow it to function well as an overhead desk lamp, a dining room lamp, or a lounge lamp. Its metal body is finished in a matte black and grey finish.

Theory of colour

The theory of colour of the Le Corbusier marselle lamp focuses on the use of colour in architecture and design. Le Corbusier developed a colour system known as the Architectural Polychromy, which is timeless and can be applied in any setting. Its colours were chosen with the aim of creating an environment which is environmentally conscious and sustainable. Its design combines the classical colours of nature with modern pigments to create an atmosphere that is both harmonious and welcoming.

The Le Corbusier marseille lamp is an iconic piece of modernist furniture. It was designed by the famous French architect in the early 1950s. It is a striking example of his innovative design techniques, which were later copied by a number of modernists. The design was highly influential for many years.


The Le Corbusier Marseille Lamp is a unique piece of lighting. This design originated in Marseille and was designed for the Unite d’Habitation (UH). Its unique design features two joints on the arm and a rotating wall fixing. It has two light outputs, direct and indirect, and a double switch.

The Marseille Lamp is inspired by industrial lighting of the time. It has a lampshade with two conical light sources that can be directed to the floor or upwards. It can be oriented with precision due to its long swivel arm and two joints. The lamp also comes with a cord and plug for convenience.


The Le Corbusier Marseille lamp is a classic design that was created between 1949 and 1952. Its unique design combines two joints in its arm for greater mobility and is available in both a mini and regular size. The lamp is based on aluminium material and a spun diffuser.

The classic Le Corbusier Marseille lamp is a versatile and stylish lamp for any room. Its sculptural form and double-switch cable allows for both indirect and direct lighting. Its conical shape makes it an excellent choice for any style, from traditional to contemporary.

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