When it comes to home decor, lighting fixtures are an essential element that can transform any space’s ambiance. Whether you have a small apartment or a spacious house, the right lighting can make a significant difference. From soft-toned lamps to bright and vibrant ones, IKEA’s lighting collection has something for every mood and preference. In this article, we’ll be exploring IKEA’s Yellow Lamp, which is a statement piece that adds a pop of color and personality to your living space.

What is IKEA’s Yellow Lamp?

IKEA’s Yellow Lamp is a table lamp that comes in a vibrant shade of yellow. It has a simple yet elegant design, with a cylindrical-shaped shade and a curved base. The lamp’s overall height is 43 cm, and the shade’s diameter is 18 cm. The lamp has a 2.5-meter-long cord, which gives you flexibility when placing it in your room.

The lamp’s shade is made of polycarbonate plastic, which makes it durable and easy to clean. It is suitable for use with LED light bulbs, which are energy-efficient and long-lasting. The lamp has a maximum wattage of 13 watts, and the bulb is sold separately.


The Yellow Lamp’s design is minimalistic and versatile, making it suitable for different decor styles. The lamp’s shade has a matte finish that diffuses the light, creating a warm and cozy ambiance in your space. The lamp’s base is made of steel, which gives it stability and a sleek look.

The Yellow Lamp’s yellow shade is a statement piece that adds a pop of color to your room. The lamp’s design is reflective of IKEA’s ethos of combining form and function. It’s not just a lamp, but a piece of art that elevates your room’s style.


The Yellow Lamp is more than just a decorative piece; it’s functional too. The lamp’s soft warm glow is ideal for creating a cozy and relaxing ambiance in your living space. The diffused light is not harsh on the eyes, making it perfect for reading or studying.

The lamp’s curved base allows you to adjust the shade’s angle, giving you more control over the light’s direction. Additionally, the lamp’s 2.5-meter-long cord gives you flexibility when placing it in your room.

How to style IKEA’s Yellow Lamp?

IKEA’s Yellow Lamp is a versatile piece that can be styled in different ways to suit your room’s decor. Here are some ideas on how to style the Yellow Lamp:

1. On a bedside table

Place the Yellow Lamp on a bedside table to create a warm and cozy ambiance in your bedroom. The soft glow of the lamp is perfect for reading your favorite book before going to bed.

2. On a console table

Style the lamp on a console table in your living room to add a pop of color to the room. The Yellow Lamp’s unique design and vibrant color make it stand out, creating a focal point in your living area.

3. On a desk

The Yellow Lamp is perfect for use on a desk when studying or working. Its warm light is less harsh on the eyes, making it ideal for long hours of use. The lamp’s adjustable shade allows you to direct the light where you need it the most.

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