Lustre Moderne Salon is a well-known salon that has been in operation for over 20 years. The salon has built its reputation by providing top-notch services to its loyal customers. The salon’s name is derived from the French language and translates to mean “modern shine.” This name perfectly captures the essence of the salon’s philosophy, which is to provide modern and elegant beauty solutions to its clients.

Interior Design

The interior design of Lustre Moderne Salon is one of its standout features. The salon’s decor is upscale and chic, with neutral colors that create a serene atmosphere. The salon’s lighting fixtures are also noteworthy, with modern chandeliers illuminating the space.

The salon’s furniture is carefully chosen to create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere for clients. Comfy chairs and sofas provide a cozy seating area for clients to relax in while they wait their turn. The salon’s walls are also adorned with beautiful artwork, creating a sense of sophistication and luxury.

Services Offered

Lustre Moderne Salon offers a wide range of services, including hair care, nail care, skin care, and makeup application. The salon’s stylists are highly trained and experienced, ensuring that clients receive top-notch services.

For hair care, Lustre Moderne Salon offers a variety of services, including haircuts, coloring, highlights, and special occasion styling. Hair extensions and wigs are also available for clients who want to experiment with their hairstyles.

Nail care services at the salon include manicures, pedicures, and acrylics. The salon’s technicians are skilled at creating intricate designs and patterns, ensuring that clients’ nails look stunning.

The salon’s skin care services include facials, peels, and microdermabrasion. The salon uses top-quality, all-natural products for all its beauty treatments, ensuring that clients receive the best care possible.

Lastly, Lustre Moderne Salon also offers makeup application services. The salon’s makeup artists are skilled at creating a variety of looks, ranging from natural to glam.

Customer Satisfaction

Lustre Moderne Salon takes customer satisfaction very seriously. The salon’s team is dedicated to ensuring that clients receive an exceptional experience, from the moment they walk through the door until the moment they leave.

The salon’s stylists take the time to listen to clients’ needs and preferences, ensuring that they receive a personalized beauty treatment. Clients are also invited to provide feedback about their experiences with the salon, and Lustre Moderne Salon takes all customer feedback into consideration when improving its services.

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